Four seasons


Sunroom / Four-Season

The excellence
of a concept

Why a four-season sunroom ?

You want to extend your house by adding a glass room that will bring sunshine into your home all year-round?

Look no further: the four-season sunroom is the solution for you! This exclusive structure allows you to really enjoy all the advantages of the summer season as well as winter’s natural beauty while keeping the cold where it belongs: outside!


  • Double glazing
  • Energy efficient glass : Low-E/Argon gas
  • Tempered glass on sloped roof for maximum safety
  • Choice of clear, tinted or reflective glass
  • Possibility of opening windows and doors with multi-point locking system
  • Wide choice of solid or wood grain colours
  • Exclusive aluminium structure
  • Thermal barrier
  • Integrated gutter system
  • Overlapping system
  • Extruded sill with a five-degree slope
  • Base (floors, low walls and foundations) built by us without the use of subcontractors
  • 10-year warranty on aluminum structure and sealed units
  • 5-year warranty on labour and hardware