About Us

Our Team

Normand Lacombe

Founding President

Founding President of Arcon Solarium, Normand Lacombe is a leading authority in the glass industry. He gained an enviable reputation over the many years he spent working in the field. Directly involved in the manufacturing and production process, Mr. Lacombe also designs all the products sold by the company.

Sylvain Bouchard

Vice President

Project manager and supervisor, Sylvain Bouchard is in charge of overseeing the production and installation of solariums, windows and doors. A pillar of the company since the very beginning, Mr. Bouchard shares with the whole team the experience, technical expertise and vast know-how he acquired over the years.

Suzanne Lalonde

Plant Manager

As Plant Manager at our Lavaltrie facilities, Suzanne Lalonde is in charge of the window and door production division of the company. She takes great pride in her vast expertise in the industry and is responsible for the overall quality, organisation and manufacturing of our window and door products.

Josiane Lacombe

Executive Director

In her capacity as Web Marketing Manager, Josiane Lacombe is in charge of our social media department. She makes sure that the company keeps abreast of the latest trends and ensures Arcon Solarium’s strong and growing presence on the internet.

Production and Installation Teams

Responsible for the production and installation

Our production and installation teams are highly qualified and all of our employees hold all the competency cards required by the decision-making bodies of the construction industry.