Well of light



A bright

Why a skylight ?

You are looking for access to a corner of the sky, even from inside your home ?

Then a skylight is the right choice for you! It allows you to benefit from access to sunlight without having to entirely equip your room with windows.


  • Choice of double or triple glazing
  • Energy efficient glass : Low-E/Argon gas
  • Tempered glass for maximum safety
  • Choice of clear, tinted or reflective glass
  • Choice of structure : two-sided, four-sided or pyramidal shape
  • Suitable for flat roofs only
  • Installation of a substructure is possible, if necessary
  • Wide choice of solid or wood grain colours
  • Exclusive aluminium structure
  • Thermal barrier
  • Integrated gutter system
  • Overlapping system
  • Extruded sill with a five-degree slope
  • 10-year warranty on aluminum structure and sealed units
  • 5-year warranty on labour