Adjoining our offices are the production shop, the cutting plant and a warehouse used to store all the components necessary for construction of a sunroom.

A virtual tour will lead you to discover a factory on the technological cutting edge. From calculation of the dimensions of the glass panels and the stringers to installation of various components on site, the sunroom production process is steered by software specially designed for Solarium Montréal.

Since the beginning of its activities, Solarium Montréal undeniably owes its prosperity and stability to the efforts of its founding CEO, Mr. Lacombe.   It has built its reputation on exclusive superior-quality products, precision technology, professional and painstaking installation and outstanding after-sales service. Mr. Lacombe’s involvement at all levels assures him of complete customer satisfaction.

To control the quality of the fenestration, Mr. Lacombe acquired the famous Series 2000 from the former Arcon Canada.  For more information, click here.

The purchase of high-performance tooling, such as insertion presses, precision punches, reproduction dies and all assembly accessories, guarantees Solarium Montréal a facility with a professional image. Our technicians’ dexterity, combined with our factory’s technological tooling, assure precision in production and cutting, thus speeding up the delivery process, an appreciable advantage for informed customers.

Solarium Montréal has its own exclusive dies. They are entrusted to a warehouse operator specializing in aluminium extrusion moulding. The aluminium extrusions are delivered to our warehouse regularly. Our trucks display the company’s colours and are adapted to ensure delivery of the parts in total safety.

Opting for a Solarium Montréal sunroom means acquiring a superior quality product, guaranteeing installation with close attention to detail, and constant attention to you and your needs.

Give us the opportunity and the pleasure of serving you!
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