A wood or steel substructure is required when the solarium reaches considerable dimensions or is irregularly shaped. To minimize this subsystem’s impact, it will be painted or covered with aluminium of the same colour as the solarium structure, so that it becomes an integral part of it. However, when exposed with stylized concepts, it can become the focal point of your new acquisition.
Surface substructure. Steel painted the same colour as the aluminium structure.
These illustrations clearly show the many forms a solarium can take.

Solarium Montréal’s experience will allow it to execute these projects without any problem, regardless of their complexity. Depending on the solarium’s size, everything can be done in the shop and the substructure coating will be a baked paint. 

For large dimensions, epoxy paint will be applied on site by professionals in the field. 
    Integrated substructure. Steel inserted in the centre of the mullion.
Surface structure. Steel painted the same colour as the aluminium structure.   Exposed substructure. With trim, it is a highly decorative element.
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