Solarium Montréal’s structural skylights are installed exclusively on flat roofs.  Designed for vast spaces, they are ideal for diffusing natural light to a store, a clinic, a residence, etc. In the images, follow the development of this glazed space and note the importance of painstaking professional installation, to avoid deflection of the roof if the skylight weight estimate is incorrect. 
Once you have decided on the location, a feasibility study will follow. First it will deal with the path water will follow to the drain. Next comes the inspection of the support points.  It is essential that support beams concealed in the roof space rest on the retaining wall to pick up and support the skylight’s weight. No matter what the reason, if this hypothesis cannot be adopted, the second choice is to install vertical supports from the ground up (see Illustration 1). These columns can become a particularly decorative element.
The next step is to build a curb of 2” x 6” wood pieces. This wall will be at least 6 inches high. The greater the elevation of the curb, the lower the risk of overflow in extreme weather. Generally and ideally, the height of the curb is determined by the height of the parapet.
After this frame is constructed, an elastomer membrane must be installed and welded to the existing structure. This operation will be performed by a licensed roofer designated by the customer. This membrane will cover the outer part and the top of the curb completely. This makes water infiltration almost impossible.
Over the years, Solarium Montréal has executed an impressive number of skylights. Several models are available. The skylight can be pyramidal, octagonal, two-sided or four-sided. Some formats may require a substructure as additional reinforcement. Illustration opposite: four-sided skylight.

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