Follow the steps one by one for installation of a sunroom window on a brick wall. The maximum projection of this glazed room is 24 inches, with cantilevered construction. Beyond this dimension, a foundation will be required.  The height and width of the window have no specific limitation.  To give a little more surface area to a cramped room, the wall is opened all the way down to the existing floor.  Designed for extra brightness, the height of the opening is up to the consumer.
The illustration opposite shows a raised sunroom window. Once the dimensions are established, the brick cladding is removed, including the part where the base will be erected, in order to eliminate any thermal bridge. An angle iron is installed in the top part of the opening to support the bricks above the future sunroom window.
After stripping, the base will be executed in 2” x 6” wood pieces fastened 16” c/c. Purely esthetic, the base model may be angled or straight. When fastened to the house’s warm wall, no cold will be transmitted inside. This frame is insulated with mineral wool or urethane.
Depending on the customer’s choice, a low wall may or may not be erected. To counter any water infiltration from the bricks above the window (brick is a porous material), an aluminium flashing is inserted under the waterproofing membrane found behind the brick. After this work, wood stringers are installed on the supporting wall to produce a right angle.
The exterior finish is installed at this stage. Consumers are offered several siding choices. The most common selections are fiberboard (Canexel) and aluminium siding.  The wood stringers are also wrapped in aluminium to protect them against bad weather. The colour is matched with the solarium structure to form a blended and esthetic whole.
Once construction is completed, the next phase is installation of the structure, insertion of fixed thermal windows and, according to the data, operable windows for good ventilation, an enhancement with or without tiles, for a contemporary touch, and finally, sealing by application of caulking.
To enjoy the full benefits of a sunroom window, the glass must be selected according to each customer’s aspirations. It is especially important to ensure the services of construction professionals to produce the base, according to standard practices. Never accept installation of the sunroom window on the exterior cladding, even if this is cheaper and more elementary. The only guarantee on “quick and dirty” execution is that you may end up with frost on your window in winter.
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