Since 1985, SOLARIUM MONTRÉAL has built solariums that measure up to your imagination.  Whether they are esthetic, functional or developed according to originality and design criteria, SOLARIUM MONTRÉAL is capable of creating the type of sunroom you anticipate, in the image of your expectations.

Our company’s efficiency depends on our representatives’ ability to listen to your needs and be creative, our installers’ experience and competence, and our products’ design and exclusivity, for all our glass-enclosed achievements – from the Four Seasons sunroom to the Three Seasons ¨Plus¨ and the Three Seasons sunroom.

For informed research as to what category of solarium will best meet your needs and aspirations, a series of questions should be examined carefully.

How would you use this enlargement?
Extending an existing room! Room opening fully onto the house! Creation of a relaxation corner, a painting studio, a dining room!   Adding a sunroom window or a skylight for extra brightness! 
Mouse-click on Four Seasons  and explore a wide range of information, essential to guide you to an informed decision. A separate room in your home, cloisonné with a French door!  Installing a weatherproof spa! 

Here’s an advantageous compromise, usable on mild winter days! Mouse-click on Three Seasons "Plus" to see what differentiates it from the four-season solarium.

A summer refuge!  Prolonged pleasure in spring and fall!  Summer meals outdoors, even in chilly, rainy and stormy weather! Mouse-click on Three Seasons  and learn all the potential benefits of acquiring this solarium.
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