Mr. Lacombe, founding President of Groupe Arcon, is a leader in the field of glass who honed his expertise over the years as he moved from manufacturing to production.
A man of action, Mr. Lacombe has also designed the products sold by the company.
Mr. Lacombe, a seasoned businessman, works with a dynamic and professional team that will meet your business needs
Mr. Bouchard, a project manager and supervisor, oversees the production and installation of solariums, doors and windows. He has been a pillar of the company since it was founded.

He shares his experience and know-how and the technical expertise he has acquired over the years and ensures that Groupe Arcon is always a step ahead of its competitors.
Ms. Perreault, an executive assistant at Groupe Arcon, has been with the company since April 2015. She combines her professionalism and extensive experience in the field of construction accounting in contributing to various projects and undertaking technical administrative work, including the preparation and revision of documents for management. She is also Mr. Lacombe’s assistant .
Ms. Parent, Sales Manager, will be able to guide you through each step of your project. Her expertise in solariums, doors and windows, her professionalism and her desire to do the utmost for her clients make her an invaluable asset in the company.
Ms. Iadeluca is an advisor and sales support for Groupe Arcon and, without a doubt, the key person to provide outstanding customer service. Whether you need someone to guide you to an informed choice or to answer technical questions, she is the ideal advisor who can diagnose your needs and ensure regular follow-ups.
Ms. Lalonde has worked as Plant Manager at Lavaltrie since 2007 and is responsible for Groupe Arcon’s door and window manufacturing facility. She takes pride in her years of experience in the door and window industry and oversees the quality, organization and production of your doors and windows.
Groupe Arcon's employees are qualified to work in their respective fields and they have the trade cards required by the decision-making bodies of the construction industry.
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