A worthwhile compromise

The “Plus” sunroom!

The Three Seasons Plus solarium is an excellent compromise between the Three Seasons solarium and the Four Seasons solarium. It is affordable and differs from the Four Seasons solarium by its special features. The existing wall and door inside the sunroom must remain in place. Doors and operable windows ensure adequate ventilation.

A dream oasis!
The Three Seasons Plus sunroom ensures increased protection in all seasons, whether from the sun’s hot rays, an unexpected summer storm or a glacial wind with heavy snowfall in winter. The installation of a radiant heat source will transform this glazed room into a comfortable refuge in winter, where you can lay back and relax. Reinvented comfort and a window on nature perfectly represent the concept of the Three Seasons Plus sunroom.

The Three Seasons Plus sunroom models are comparable to the Four Seasons solarium.Whether they adopt the simple style of the single-sided solarium or a glorious two-sided Cathedral model, rise to a majestic three-sided height, or achieve elegance with its Victorian architectural style, the Solarium Montréal Three Seasons Plus sunroom is an excellent choice for consumers who insist on distinction.

Glazing – Three Seasons Plus

Several choices of glass are available. The double-glazed exterior glass of the roof is always tempered, for safety reasons. Clear, tinted or reflective glass on the roof, and clear or tinted glass on the contour reduce glare on the eyes caused by the sun. 

Unlike walls, glass allows the sun’s rays to stream into the house, ensuring a free energy source. For harmony, tiles can be integrated between the glazed walls.      
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